Shipping to Saudi Arabia

Dear community,

Please suggest how I can organize the delivery to Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)?

I would like to order Framework 13 (see details in the attachment) and plan to use my beloved Fedora (xcfe GUI).

Thank you,

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Framework does not ship to Saudi Arabia. And Framework does not permit discussion on attempting to ship to unsupported countries.

You can express your interest in a Framework laptop, and be notified when it becomes available in your area by submitting your email here

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Thank you. I expressed the interest but I guess the chance of shipping to SA is below zero.

Where can I find the list of countries where it is possible to get Framework laptop?

You could get a used Framework laptop. There are some on ebay and

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Thank you again.

I tried to order in Germany using a friend’s address but the form does not allow me to change the country, what am I doing wrong?

What error is it giving you?

Be aware that the payment method must be based in a supported country. If you try to use a payment method with a Saudi Arabian address (or any other unsupported country) Framework will cancel it. They do this to prevent attempts at using freight-forwarding services. But Framework does seem to allow discussion of a family or friend living in a supported country buying a laptop. Though you will have no warranty in Saudi Arabia and if you need parts they will not ship them to Saudi Arabia. Framework just does not have permission to sell or operate in unsupported countries, and they take that seriously.

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No error, just no technical choice of any other country than the US (see the attachment, German VPN was used).

Let’s then continue discussing me, being in Germany, and buying Framework 13 from there.

I think you should really just ask someone living in Germany to order it for you (including paying for it).

Everything else will either be hard to get working or is straight up unsupported with Framework.

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I see. I’d suggest starting over. Empty your cart, switch your location to Germany, then re-add your laptop, and try checkout again.
You can also try a different browser. I had some trouble switching location in Firefox on Linux, but Chromium browser worked.

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Welcome to the Framework community! Unfortunately, Framework has not yet officially launched in Saudi Arabia. They kindly ask for your patience while they continue to expand their global footprint.

Because of how complicated the process is, and how easy it is for things to go wrong, they don’t typically announce anything until it’s locked in, so there is no ETA for you at this time. If you want to make sure they’re aware of the demand, select Saudi Arabia in the region selector on their website, as that registers your interest and helps them prioritize where to expand next.

It is important to note that Framework does not support freight forwarding, and any orders that utilize freight forwarding or holding company addresses or have false billing information are subject to cancellation upon audit. Please keep in mind that any discussion of getting around these restrictions would not be permitted.

We all wish that Framework could be everywhere globally, but that is not possible at this time for a number of reasons which have been explained in previous posts. If and when Framework does expand to Saudi Arabia in the future, I hope you’ll consider a purchase at that time.

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Thread reopened.

Please limit discussion on shipping to a supported country as explained here:

Again, we don’t want to be unfriendly but there’s not much point discussing something which no one here can change.

Freight forwarding causes massive problems for Framework and we can’t permit discussions on it.

As to shipping to friends or family in a supported country, obviously Framework has no way to detect that, but the laptop is owned by that person and all support and warranty is through them. It must be purchased by them as well (and Framework has very advanced ways of detecting that).

Our apologies for closing this thread if working this out was your intention.

Thank you.

Edit: closed again at the request of the OP.