Poll: Additional bezel/spacer colors?

With the Framework 16 preorder fulfillment now in progress, I’d like to bring up a question for both current and soon 16 owners (as also those who are considering it, but haven’t purchased yet). It’s about one of the more “fun” aspects of Framework: color customization!

Currently, the 16 has three bezel color options: black, orange, and lavender (with matching keyboard spacers). The 13 has three additional options: gray, green and red. I also recall previously seeing a clear bezel listed for preorder, but that seems to have disappeared.

So… Would you like to see the 13’s additional colors brought to the 16? Or perhaps some other color choices?

Personally, blue is my favorite color. I’d love to see either a medium blue or navy blue option eventually. I’d order that ASAP.

  • Gray
  • Green
  • Red
  • Transparent
  • Other
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I would rather like the green, although i could also entertain a royal blue. Currently I have gone for black as neither lavender or orange was floating my boat.

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Clear, and grey. “Swirl” - a combination of colors not fully mixed, but “swirled” together. I’m not doing a good job of articulating what I am imagining. I’m also not certain if that would be feasible, but it would be interesting if it could be pulled off.

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Want a limited transparent edition just like 13


Why not add an actual poll? You can find the option under the gear icon.

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Aha, thanks. Didn’t realize that before. Added!

Though you added red as an option, I voted other, because I’d like to have a dark red tone for the bezel.

Gray spacers are already available. I ordered a set of those as it’s close to the chassis color.
I’d still prefer truly silver-colored ones, so I’m going to color those and my bezel later, using an aluminium spray.

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I should have specified grey bezel in my comment. I have the grey spacers, in a box, somewhere. The led modules are too much fun to remove just yet.

Oh, what are you managing to display on them?

Most often outside temp and conditions. I haven’t motivated to automate it completely. I also would like to figure out how to display different things on each. System info is another one that I might fiddle around with. There is an individual on the forum who has created color LED spacers, and if he ever is willing to build and sell some I will be all over that. Hopefully the ability to play things like tetris or snake will be more fully developed. Doing that gets a bit beyond my ability, but I will be happy to play the games if my betters resolve the issue!

If you have ideas for more things to display on the spacers, please list them, and I will see if I can come up with anything, and will try to make it somewhat elegant. My weather stuff works for me, but it’s a hack that makes use of sed, awk, grep, and tr. I’m sure that people more skilled in those areas would shriek with horror if they saw how I tortured the poor things.

Have a great day!

Well, there are a number of ‘useful’ suggestions in this thread that FW started, along with a number of less useful suggestions.

There is also this thread, where there is a hint from @nrp that FW are working on a utility to drive the displays.

Would also be useful if any utility could be used with this RGB Matrix module being developed.

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Blue! Definitely blue!

I’d love to see the transparent bezel! Unfortunately I doubt that would happen since the ones for the FW13 are a limited run.

See this YouTube short:


Ah, so that’s why it disappeared from the marketplace, it was a limited run. Still doesn’t mean they won’t try again for the FW16!

Ya I’m sure it sold out. Given the poll thus far its not that surprising.

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Yeah, it seems to be a clear winner! (sorry)


personally i would love the gray bezel, it looks so clean