Poll : what would you like to see?

Got some free time, So created this poll just for fun after going through some of the posts

        WARNING : some options may not make sense XD

Form Factor

  • Tablet
  • 2in1 360°
  • console

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  • Touch Screen
  • E-ink
  • mini-LED
  • micro-LED
  • OLED

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  • 4k
  • 8k
  • 16k

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Refresh Rate

  • 120 Hz
  • 240 Hz
  • 360 Hz

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  • 10’’
  • 15’’
  • 16’’
  • 17’’
  • 50+’’

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Expansion Card

  • multiport
  • cellular
  • TPU

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Do you like polls?

  • Yes
  • No

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The Micro sd card expansion card is already UFS

micro-sd expansion card supports both ?
cuz they r different,

its nothing necessary, but would be gr8 if the slot is on main board itself, as I’m planning to use them as my primary drive once they get cheaper

Yeah, I saw a quote from NRP somewhere around here saying it does support UFS, I’m sure you can find it

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yes i did
(y the reply has to be 20 chars ?)


:rofl: @GhostLegion

Just to help you help the other to help themselves I’m helping myself too to two posts above the one before the one that is the one before this one.

I am a prospective buyer of the next framework laptop, and I am a big fan of the Asus G14. I think FW can compete.

Here are the things I currently want in my next laptop, which I hope will be FW:

  • Possibility for Oculink 4x PCIe 5 (just like in FW16) for external GPU (eGPU) if Thunderbolt 4/5 still is 10-20% inferior.
  • Powerful cooling on the APU! Just like the G14.
  • Honeywell PTM7950 instead of liquid metal!.

It would be pretty neat if the could break out at least some of the unused pcie somewhere

The cooling is already pretty nice, with lm mine does 45W sustained all day long.

At least one of the 2, ptm would have solved a lot of the “fan loud” comments in reviews. Is that stuff really that expensive in mass production?

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A smaller laptop that also has an upgradeable gpu would be nice, like a framework 14 or smth.

Im currently in a rut about buying framework 13, I have the fairphone 5 and a beefy gaming computer what I don’t have is a medium screen in-between them to couch surf or use whilst away from home as a truck driver. Ive looked at all of the options for medium sized devices,and as you might of guessed as a fairphone user was like a moth to flame for the Framework due to its ease of repair and mod-ability.

The one big gripe that is stopping me from losing a grand is that it’s not 360 or 2in1 with touchscreen. The Linux os Ubuntu would mesh extremely well with my phones. Does anyone know if they are going to develop this feature? As they are the only brand currently doing modular laptops, but I would also not be too surprised if fairphone makes a tablet or partners up to do a e,gpu/display screen.

Hi and welcome.

I have a couple of FP3s and a daughter with an FP4.

Still your query have been asked many times, so best search this forum :slight_smile:

Search [360]

or specifically

Search [tablet]

Is there any chance that Framework makes a maybe 14 inch laptop that has an upgradeable gpu as well. I feel its the perfect size as the 13 might be too weak for a person doing heavy tasks and the 16 would be too heavy to carry around.

What do you mean? The 16 is already pretty dang slim for a laptop.

Hi and welcome.

The 13" is 13.5" do you really think a ll the trouble to make a 14" makes sense.
13" too week to do what ?
16" too heavy for whom ?

There are always little preferences, but it’s unreasonable to think they are viable, financially especially.

I guess you’re right, but I just wanted an upgradable gpu in a small form factor, guess it might just be a pipe dream.

I am kinda alluding to how apple has a 13" air model thats good for light use, a 16" pro model for heavy use and a 14" pro model thats also for heavy use in a smaller form factor. I don’t like a lot of what apple does, but I do like this.

A Windows Hello compatible Web Cam Upgrade.
Better than finger print, ideal for businesses requiring Cyber Security essentials or similar :slight_smile: