Poll: which Fedora desktop spins have you had success running on your Framework?

Hello! :smile: With Fedora Workstation being the only edition of Fedora that is officially supported, I wanted to see which other spins have been a positive experience for the community.

The standard of quality I’m looking for is whether you were happy with the experience of running the spin once you installed it. Maybe it worked immediately, maybe it was about as much work as with the Workstation install, or maybe it required a bit more work but you didn’t mind. As long as you weren’t having to fix a significant* issue upon install, I think you could select the option.

I’m also curious about which are the favorites in the community!

Without further ado, please select all of the Fedora spins that provided an experience you were happy with when you installed it. Poll closes on Dec 19.

  • Fedora Workstation
  • Fedora KDE
  • Fedora Xfce
  • Fedora Cinnamon
  • Fedora MATE+Compiz
  • Fedora i3
  • Fedora LXQt
  • Fedora LXDE
  • Fedora SoaS
  • Fedora Sway
  • Fedora Budgie
  • Silverblue
  • Kinoite
  • Sericea
  • Onyx

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*I leave the definition of significant up to you, lol

I hope I’m not hijacking the thread, but curious about Fedora KDE users, How is it on your end atm?

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My experience with Fedora KDE has been excellent. The installer worked without an issue. I customized partitioning a bit and went with ext4 on LVM instead of (I think) the default btrfs. I had one weird hang up on first boot, but was able to reboot and install all updates. Since then, everything is very smooth, with about a week of solid daily use.

As far as I can tell, everything just works out of the box, although I did not try to setup the finger print reader. Fractional scaling on kwin_wayland was on by default at 150%. Tap to click on the touchpad was just a checkbox to enable.

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Mostly fantastic with exception of power consumption on any video streaming. Have gotten a few graphic resets seemingly sporadically

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Any of you folks had any success installing Kinoite or Silverblue with an existing EFI partition?

Mine fails, apparently it’s a known issue and the recommended workaround is to just let anaconda create its own, fedora-dedicated EFI partition, which is a bit annoying.

But since I use my laptop for work and can’t afford to bork my main install (opensuse TW), I wanted to know if I risk making my system unbootable by creating a second EFI partition…Does the UEFI in the FW laptops handle multiple EFI partitions on a single drive?


Thanks for your thoughts, everyone!

I tried KDE and XFCE before just going with Workstation (stock GNOME). Both ran without issue “out of the box,” so to speak. XFCE had some screen tearing, but I was told that’s an easy fix.