Poor image quality on external screen with FW13 and Lenovo Dock

Hi, my brand new Framework 13 just arrived (AMD Ryzen™ 5 7640U), and I’m in the process of setting it up with a Lenovo Thunderbolt™ 4 Dock (40B00135EU) and my external screen (Samsung S27C650). Dock and screen are connected via DisplayPort. OS is Windows 11, all drivers and BIOS are up-to-date, also Dock firmware. Screen was reset to default settings, ClearType is enabled.

Docking works “mostly” fine - I often have to unplug and plug my keyboard when waking my Framework from standby. What is more annoying is picture quality. The image is definitely worse compared to before (when used with my former ThinkPad via Dock and DVI).
I’d describe the picture as slightly fuzzy, with white or coloured shadows around characters. It reminds me of poor VGA cables. I wonder if there is some compression happening?

I’m attaching an image here - hoping that the effect is visible. Any ideas on this? Thanks in advance!

Maybe DSC. See if your monitor has a setting to turn it off.

Could try display colour calibration

Thanks! Neither works for me. DSC is not mentioned in monitor’s manual. And Windows says, HDR was not supported on this monitor.
I also tried a HDMI>DVI adapter cable and directly plugged it into the laptop, without dock. Issue is just the same.

Update: I just realized that this is connected to night mode. I’m using f.lux, but it’s the same with Windows’ built-in night mode. For the latter: picture is fine for both extremes (0% or 100%), but image is poor in between. So at least no hardware issure :thinking:
Maybe I’ll check with f.lux forum then…

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If it is just text looking bad it could be missing or wrong sub-pixel rendering (cleartype or whatever).

Also make sure the set resolution matches the one of the display.