Portable and powerful machine

anyone could think about a laptop with a high power processor but no gpu in it? i really hope that framework could offer that kind of option in tbe future. such as a i9 11980hk on the laptop.

The chassis would need to be completely redesigned, it wouldn’t be possible for a drop in replacement

Cooling system would need redesigning to accommodate greater thermal output and of course the board itself would need redesigning

Not saying this to discourage you or tell you it’s impossible-it’s not

I just don’t want you to get frustrated that such a design isn’t already available and let you know the challenges to that goal

I would love to see a something like the alder lake version of the i7-11800H with 35-45W TDP in a 15-16" chassis with a 85-99 Wh battery. For a bigger chassis you would need to design a new mainboard anyway, so that wouldn’t be an issue. I personally don’t need a powerful GPU, i already have a PC that fullfils that need way better than any mobile GPU. I want a laptops that feels as responsive as my PC but also offers good battery life. A dGPU would only lower the battery life significantly and take up a lot of space that could have been used for a 99Wh battery.

In the end it would be like a slightly more poweful version of the current 13.6" framework laptop with similar if not better battery life. It would also aim for the same market but for bigger screen sizes

I think if they were clever, they’d use the same mainboard but with an additional connector. The connector could be used for a dGPU, or more M.2 slots for more storage or LTE cards etc. Or it could be left alone and a bigger battery installed instead.