Possible Fanless Intel Motherboard

Since purchasing my M1 to replace an Intel MSI laptop I don’t know if I can stand going back to having a fan in my laptop.

I am curious if there is a chance of a fanless Intel motherboard in the future for a Framework laptop.

The all aluminum chassis could work just like my M1 to dissipate the heat.

Is this even a remote possibility with Intel or would it have to be an ARM based CPU?


There are already existing fanless Intel laptops and tablets. No reason it couldn’t be done with a variant of the FL, with a redesign of the heatsink. They may need to use the lower power Tiger Lake UP4 series, which seems to only support LPDDR4x memory.

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Just want to bump this thread, rather than create a new one.

I think a lot of people have got used to Apple’s fanless laptops, and want the same for their Windows/Linux based laptop.

Any chance this could be on a future product roadmap?

Considering X86 power requirements if we cut power too much it would be like the Apple’s Intel Macbook that was fanless but with such low power that it felt sluggish. Not sure if the ultralow power Intel Mobile chips can do it for 12th gen and future generations.

Another thing I remembered was that the Framework creators did say that they didn’t want the CPU/mainboard to directly contact the bottom of chassis to allow better surivability in drops, putting thermal pads to use the base of the chassis as a heatsink wouldn’t be in their design I think.