Possible to buy laptop charger?

It seems like it should work from reading the specs, you might want to check your cable, not all USB-C cables are built the same. I have some USB-C cables that refuse to charge anything larger then small tablet. Once I figured that out I only bought 100w rated USB-C cables.


@ImaxinarDM :person_facepalming:cant believe I missed it, thank you!

@digitalknk good to know, I’ll look for that from here on out. Thank you. The cord I’m using is supposedly rated for 100W but I’m just going to get the framework charger

E2A: I ended up having an entirely different issue. charger works fine

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The Framework laptop’s charger is something I would absolutely love to be able to purchase, as while the Europlug is officially supported in my country, it has absolutely no weight support in the socket, which is slightly recessed, so on one hand, you cannot have anything flush with it unless it is meant for that socket, while on the other hand, it is not as deep as Shuko or Swiss sockets, without anything to hold Europlugs in place, even at the sides, so bulky Europlug-wielding chargers like Anker’s Nano 2 65W or some of Lenovo’s and Asus’s barrel chargers end up with broken plugs (and in uncommon cases, broken sockets) are an absolute horrible idea here (and despite that, are used here, and officially sold even by companies like Lenovo and Asus).

At least we have slightly safer sockets than the NEMA standard, due to any socket recession at all, although this way it would have been better to just adopt the Swiss standard (it is electrically equivalent).