Possible to buy laptop charger?

Got my Framework laptop today and I realized I did not order the charger for it. Is it possible to still buy Framework’s laptop charger or should I just opt for a 3rd party? If I were to opt for a 3rd party, how many volts or watts should I be getting?

Can’t answer the first part of your question other than to say it doesn’t look like there is any way to separately purchase at the moment. I imagine that will be a product in the Marketplace when it goes up. As for the second part, here is what is mentioned in the FAQ when building a DIY: "

What kind of power adapter do I need?

We’ve developed a custom, high-efficiency GaN-based 60W USB-C power adapter for the Framework Laptop that you can select. This has replaceable 1m AC and 2m right-angle USB-C cables.

You also have the option to bring your own power adapter. We recommend using a 60W or greater USB-PD compatible USB-C power adapter that has passed all needed regulatory testing for your region."


I personally use this charger from Amazon
I like that the power supply is in the brick itself, so that way the cable isn’t bulky due to an AC adapter in the middle of the charger.
Edit - Is there a pinned post that has the rules posted somewhere? I’m not sure if posting external links is against the rules, and I don’t want to break any rules.

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I had an extra Aukey Omnia 100w laying around.

Funny story. Soon after I purchased mine, a big news article came out about Aukey buying reviews on Amazon (who doesn’t know all reviews on Amazon might as well be fake by now?). They were booted off the platform. As a result purchasing them directly from their site is quite cheap right now. I’m guessing they are dumping stock to start up again under a different name. Just purchased another one and the first one works great.

Just a heads up with that ZMI. It doesn’t have a 60W (20V by 3A) setting but a 65W (20V by 3.25A) setting. If the frame.work is very picky (I have no idea if it is), it might negotiate to the lower 45W (15V by 3A) setting available.

We’ll be posting the power adapter onto the Marketplace in August. If you reach out to support@frame.work we may be able manually process you an order for one in the meantime. You can also use any USB-C power adapter that supports USB-PD, though we recommend 60W or greater.

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And thanks for the prompt for us to create a new Knowledge Base article! What kind of power adapter can I use with my Framework Laptop?


I plan on just using a macbook usb c charger. I have a 95W I believe, so I’m hoping it doesn’t damage the framework laptop somehow.

@Colton_Idle i did some research what’s important is that the voltage and polarity of the charger matches what the battery recommends.

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For USB-C, thankfully there are no concerns around polarity, and with USB-PD, no concerns around voltage either. Any of the USB-C power adapters Apple has released should work with the Framework Laptop, though you’ll want their 61W or greater adapter.


Since I sometimes travel to Europe from Japan, I need a charger that supports 100V-240V. This is pretty common these days, but can I confirm that the standard Framework charger supports this input voltage range?

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A while ago there was a blog post which tore down the power supply. While it didn’t explicitly state it was 100-240V, it did state that you only need to swap the incoming cable to change regions. So I 100% expect it to be compatible.

Yes, the input range is 100V-240V 50Hz-60Hz.


I would also love to buy an additional charger when they become available. I was going to buy a generic one online for travel but ever since I got the Framework branded one… none of the online ones seem to compare… the brick is nice and small… the power cable is separate and can be plugged in without the brick getting in the way… and best part… it just works!


It’s on my list as well - for as soon as the Marketplace carries it and the USB-C > USB-C cable.

Would a 45w charger work just fine for the Framework Laptop?

It would charge, but fairly slowly

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I have used a MacBook Air charger with mine. 30 watts, I think.
I have also plugged my phone charger, 15-20 watts, maybe, in overnight, to boost the charge.

Both worked ok, better if the computer was off, especially the phone charger.

Probably shouldn’t be using the computer while charging with a lower wattage supply.

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Ok thanks, I will consider getting a 60w-65w charger for the Framework.

Got my laptop in a couple hours ago, DIY Edition. I thought my Anker port would work but unfortunately I’m not getting any lights what so ever. Not even charging slowly. Any idea when the framework charger will be available to order on marketplace?

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It is in the Marketplace, in stock. Look for it under “Parts”