Power Adapter Query

I think the 28, 36, 48 V levels were a relatively new addition – I think after the FW13 came out – so it’s quite possible FW13 does not have the electronics to negotiate those power levels (they would also not be necessary). Can someone confirm if the FW13 can negotiate those higher voltages and whether the cord supplied with it allows for those voltages?

I’d be interested in seeing a reference for this alleged issue that provides a basic explanation of what the problem might be. Someone with good electronics testing equipment putting the adaptor through its paces together with a write-up about which specs are important/problematic would be an interesting read!

I’ve heard nothing about controller issues on the power adapter side, and Framework’s adapter has actually been pretty widely praised. Early on there was an issue with the laptop being unable to use the 15V PD level but it is very rare that it ever negotiates to that voltage and I think the issue’s been resolved. FW13 definitely isn’t engineered for >20V PD, and the type-C cable with the adapter is likely only E-markered for 5A 20V and won’t allow higher voltage modes to be negotiated. I think that once the FW16 comes out it’s new C-C cable will replace the old one.

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Well, to all who are following this thread, as I said, I’m a layman here. I read all the disjointed threads (am no fan of how the Community learns things here. Info is all over the place, but that too is not my call. So, anything I say you must take with a grain of salt. I’m merely repeating what I’ve read, nothing on the hardware research front my front porch.


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From the end

Cords and cable don’t care about voltage that is why you increase it to get more power

Power (watts) is Voltage times Amps.

If a cable can take 3 maps then whether a 1 V or 1 million it doesn’t matter

Secondly the laptop asks for a voltage the power unit does not force a voltage ~ Voltage is force and ir not applied it is a request via the PD protocol

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If this is on the laptop I would contact support about that.

As Nich_Trimble also said I think you are referring to the 15v power profile issue talked about here USB-PD 15V mode issue - #15 by Kieran_Levin

I feel I can summarise the 100w adapter “consensus” you mentioned before as a desire to eliminate the Frameworks need to lean on the battery in times of high energy demand. This would be mostly during the 28 second boost under intensive CPU load and or using the Framework to charge multiple devices at the same time as well as an intensive CPU/GPU load.

100w is the recommended power for use in “desktop” mode (without a battery connected) because it will cover the spikes in energy demand that the 60w would use the battery for. Most users would never expereice in there daily usage.