Power Adapter Question

I will need to carry my laptop with me so the FW power adapter with its short “extension cord” will be too bulky. I do not have any GaN based power supplies so I am wondering if anyone has purchased a good quality aftermarket GaN based PS and are happy with it.

I bought the Hyperjuice 66W GaN USB-C Charger because it was on a discount in my country, and it’s been great.

Really really small and compact, and it has 2 USB C ports at 66W each and 1 USB A port at 30W, so it’s basically my one single charging brick for everything now. Charging speed is as expected for my phone and Framework Laptop (as long as it’s the only thing plugged in because 60W is close to the charger’s limit).

Also comes with adapters in the box for most country’s charging plugs, and a warranty in case anything goes wrong. Only gripe is that it’s slightly expensive at its regular price, so try to grab it on sale.

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I second this recommendation. Got one myself and it’s great. Compact, powerful enough, three ports, and travel adapters for wherever you go.