Power adapters in other countries

I’m going from the U.S. to Chile next year. Can I use a European-style, two-prong adapter to charge my Framework computer there? Their power outlet is 240 volts. Will my Framework adaptor handle that doubled load? And are the plugs there the same kind of two round prongs and/or three round prongs, as in Western Europe and in Italy?

For any device you own, you can check the label, and it will tell you the supported input voltage. It’s common for power adapters to support 120-240v, but even if you read online that yours supports it, you do need to check the label to be certain. Sometimes there are different models.

The label is too-small and/or worn off. That’s why I came to our framework site to ask. Thanks.

Looks like it should handle it.

The Power Adapter

You can read the box here (timelink to 10 seconds in)

It reads 100-240v 50-60Hz 1.5A
Power Adapter US, CA

This looks like the information I need. I’m hoping to find a “C” or “L” cord for the supply side of my adapter. But I’ve used actual adapters throughout Europe, which work fine. Thanks, MJ1!

AND: Ah! The box! I still have it. Perfect!

Yeah, a power cord would be best. I’ve seen some adapters that are really iffy. Some cheap chinese ones are straight up dangerous. I’d try to get a big brand-name if an adapter is needed.

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The Framework adapter does support 240 volts.

According to a quick Google search Chile uses the same two-prong plug types (type C) as most of Europe, South America, and Asia and uses the same three-prong plug type (type L) as Italy.

I suggest getting an IEC C5 to Type L cable, which will allow the existing Framework adapter to plug into a three-prong type L outlet.

Since the Framework adapter is designed for use with grounded outlets it could be a hazard to adapt it to two-pronged ungrounded outlets like Type C, other power adapters designed for two-pronged outlets should be fine (although often result in minor electric shocks that feel like vibration if you touch the laptop while plugged in).

Thanks for this helpful info. I’ve got adequate plug adapters, but have now ordered a IEC C5 to Type L cable, as you suggested. (My other such cable lives in Paris, France. I sometimes wish that I could, too.) Again: Thanks.