Power button blinking red on power on with POST code

It happened to me 2 to 3 times already. Overall it looks like this:

  1. Laptop is powered off
  2. I press the power button
  3. It immediately blinks red
  4. Status LEDs blink POST error code
  5. Laptop turns off again immediately after blinking POST code
  6. I press the power button again
  7. Laptop boots normally

This happens very rarely, so I wasn’t able to record and decode the code.

Batch 5 DIY laptop, all stock hardware (single slot 32GB RAM, SN850, i7), BIOS version 3.06.

Happened to me once I guess, it was due to dead battery tho, when I plug AC, it booted normally. Maybe RTC battery getting low? Try bios 3.07.

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As noted, definitely update to the latest BIOS as a first step. If you can record the POST code, please submit a support request with it to the support form.

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