Power rails for on signal of the motherboard

while working on a project Ive run into a little problem. Im working on reusing a framework motherboard for a different laptop. Due to the USB ports being permanently powered while the machine is in sleep mode the attached USB devices quickly drain the battery (within a day). I thought about adding a transistor to block the USB devices from being powered while in sleep mode. While the simplified schematics are helpful to a degree they dont tell the full story. There are the +5VALW (always-on) and the +5VS (switched) rails on the Keyboard connector I might be able to highjack. While I can probe them it would be quite helpful to know their exact definitions on when those rails are on. Is there maybe a chart for all of the power rails and in which states they are powered or are there maybe other rails that are accesable and useable for that purpose? The mainboard im using is an 11th gen board.