Problem setting up dual monitors

Running Windows 11. I have managed to get both monitors to work from time to time, but at the moment, nothing doing. I can get one or the other of my externals to work. If they are both plugged in, then only one will work. If I unplug the one that is working, the other one will work. I can extend or duplicate, but only with the laptop’s screen, not with the two external monitors. I am completely flummoxed and wish there was a tech support line for this laptop.

Hi and welcome.

Well as far as support goes, you are vague so even help here, which is probably the best place is going to be.

  • What laptop ~ you could have posted under the 13" or 16" category and or tagged the post.

    • If 13" Which of the 5 versions do you have one of the three Intel, Chrome or AMD ?
  • Did you buy a pre-build or is this a DIY?

  • Did it come with the OS or did you install it or update it?

  • Which monitors are you using and how are you connectiong them.

  • I don’t use external monitors much so don’t have much of an idea but I sughest you provide details of what you have and what you have done etc. to save people having to ask.

Take care ~ all the best