Problems with webcam when using Citrix, VDI & Zoom


I am generally happy with my new Framework laptop, but one thing has been fairly annoying: when using it to work remotely (using Citrix as a virtual desktop environment, with a VDI plugin), it does not work properly with the webcam:

  1. The “optimized” setting for redirecting the hardware to Citrix & apps therein does not recognise the webcam at all.
  2. the “generic” setting does see a “Laptop Camera”, but when using Zoom or Skype or any other application through Citrix, the camera quickly fades to white or to black, regardless of the light levels in the surroundings.

Does anyone else have similar issues, and do you have any tips for how I might be able to resolve this? I’ve updated the Citrix, Zoom & VDI plugins to the newest version, but this has not helped.

Thanks in advance

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I use Arch Linux + VMware horizon 22.03 Linux Client /w my Framework without issue. Both Teams Optimization and the Zoom optimizations are working fine. Not sure if its a Citrix and/or Windows issue your having.
For Zoom, as the EUC VDI Architect for my company, I suggest keeping your Zoom VDI app and Zoom VDI local plugin aligned in release. There can be odd issues once in a while if your VDI software, VM VDI Zoom client, and local Zoom plugin get out of sync.

Thank you for the tip!
Turns out installing the latest version of each client was a mistake - once I uninstalled them all and re-installed the versions that were in sync with my employer’s versions, it worked.