Project Idea: Framework Port Replicator using Expansion Cards

An idea for a project:
A port replicator that connects with usb-c, and connects to a case for e.g. 4 expansion cards.
The Cards would sit in the replicator just as they do in the laptop.

So everyone can build exactly the port-replicator they need.
Also it doubles as an expansion card holder. :grin:

Sadly I know nothing about tinkering with electronics, but it would be interesting to know if that would be possible (maybe even something for Frame.Work to build themselves eventually or for someone else to sell at the marketplace?)

Think that was already talked about in another thread.

Main problem is that having as versatile ports at he ports on the framework is going to be quite expensive while having a reasonable fixed set of ports quite be quite cheap.

If you want 4 full featured thunderbolt ports like on the intel frameworks you need 3 daysy chained 2 port thunderbolt chip-sets (don’t think they make them in more than 2 port) and those puppies are expensive af and need ndas and stuff.

If you want 4 ports with displayport and usb you need a usb hub(cheap) and a good displayport mst hub (not cheap but not 3 thunderbolt chipsets expensive).

If you just want one display and some usb it’s going to be really cheap.

Thank you for your insight.
Maybe it’s still worthwhile for some fans
Might still be cheaper than a fixed-port replicator for a mac …

P.S. Do you still know which other thread? I didn’t find anything while searching.

sounds like a sophisticated dongle or a lightweight docking station? not sure what the benefit over those is. of course, hobby projects are all great, but i’m not sure this one would be game changing?

Apart from costing mac pro levels of money XD.

But in all seriousnes, the dongle and docking station market is pretty saturated and likely has exactly what you need.

A list with confirmed working docking stations and dongles might make sense if it doesn’t exist already.

I also started working on a dock, and I thought of also including a MinimalSmallInputModule at the top of the Dock. It would make the dock more useful and I’m also interested, if there are fitting InputModules. What do you guys think of something like that?