Project SBC Power Tool App (TDP Control - Windows 10)

So I found this piece of software when I was using the 1 Netbook Onemix 3. It allows you to view the current TDP settings and change them. It is compatible with the chipset in the Framework (I believe).

It is called the Power Control App:

What I’m wondering:

What is the default TDP settings for the Framework Laptop?

I changed it, and forgot to write down the default, but I believe the picture shows the right values for PL1 and PL2. Could someone from the Framework team confirm?

@Kieran_Levin @nrp

It seems it works, and so my follow up question would be, are there any limitation we should be aware of here? I don’t want to exceed the default options in anyway.

Nevermind simply changing the power slider when clicking on the battery will restore any custom values to their defaults.
Looks like from this you can find the min and max values.

Would the advice be to leave those alone and not mess with the TDP?