PSA: check the shipping address (and billing info) on your order page

Hi, I’m Batch 8 and got a bad surprise today when receiving the “We’re preparing your order” email. Framework kept the shipping address I had provided when I pre-ordered (last year), not the one I have put in my profile under “Saved Addresses”. I even had deleted the pre-order address from there.

It turns out I should have updated the address from the order page.

For some reason, it doesn’t allow me to change the country, so I have to contact support, and they’re busy… I’m waiting and I’m not sure they’ll be able to help me before it ships.

If you’re in the later batches, take the time to check your order page (billing info, expiry date, shipping address…) and if you cannot update it, use the Customer Support contact form.

I hope it’ll help somebody.

Take care, godspeed :slight_smile:

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Support replied fairly quickly. They cannot update the shipping region of preorders. You can however cancel your order and lose your position, and place a new order. I don’t know what would happen of your deposit.

If you cancel the order, the deposit is supposed to be fully refunded.

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