Purchase of a Framework Laptop without certain parts

As most people likely will know at this point, Framework announced a new screen option, which apparently can also be used to upgrade existing devices. This however leaves the question of what to do with the old screen.
If and when I purchase another Laptop at a later time, it would be convenient to have an option to purchase it without the screen for example, so I can reuse the one I now have left over, so it doesn’t go to waste. This could also be applicable to the motherboard for example.

I do realize that this would complicate assembly and distribution and the total price of the Laptop cannot just be reduced by the price of the individual component left out, that’s likely not how this calculation works.
The main goal is simply to not have these new options create unnecessary waste because I now have parts left over that I cannot use for anything.

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I think you can get pcbs to turn the panels into external monitors, id probably go for that as opposed to a whole new laptop minus a screen, since you also said price probably wont be reduced either.

There is a whole thread about reusing the screen:

And I dont think it will be possible to order a new laptop without the screen.
But there are “Factory Seconds” FW13’s available which can have a slightly “broken” screen which you could swap out.

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You can buy

  • The lid for the screen
  • The bottom chassis
  • Various input panels (keyboard etc.)
  • Main boards
  • Battery
  • Sets of screw
  • NVMe memory | RAM | Wifi | Speakers

Is there something you think you could not buy as a separate item and build your own?

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