PureOS Install?

Has anyone tried to install PureOS on a Framework laptop?

I haven’t, but providing the kernel is up to date (>5.11) it should just run. To get the fingerprint sensor working, you need to have a libfprint version of >1.92.0

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PureOS will not download non-free software by default, expect multiple things to be broken upon install

I doubt WiFi will work and I can’t imagine anything else requiring non-free drivers to work either, idk if the camera, microphone or fingerprint sensor require this

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Wifi won’t work, AX210 drivers are proprietary or use proprietary blobs.


Has there been any update regarding this OS? I’m farily new to Linux but I am interested in this specific OS to run on my framwork.

@Arizona_Dahlman Not really. The issues with the OS are intrinsic and will not be fixed. Anything that requires non-free software will be broken on install, that will always be true so long as the distro is FSF-endorsed. If you want something that offers something similar while not being so hostile to non-free software, grab a copy of Debian.