QMK keyboard on new Framework 13?

I’m about to pull the trigger on a Framework 16, with one of the key deciding factors being the QMK powered keyboard with nkey rollover; I’m already planning on flashing my daily driver layer layout to it and I’m excited.

The updated 13.5” is really appealing to me and I am really thinking about going with it instead, but I’m not able to determine if it uses the same keyboard as the 16”. The marketing page for the 16” specifically calls out QMK support for the keyboard while the 13.5” does not.

Can anyone tell me if the keyboard module and firmware is the same between the two?

No, the FWL13 does not use the same keyboard module. And the FWL13 does not have QMK, maybe someday in the future it will be an option. But right now, the keyboard is just handled the usual way for laptops, with the keyboard matrix connected to the EC (embedded controller).

I use kmonad to remap the keys on the internal keyboard and have it match the layout that I use on my usual qmk keyboard.
It does multiple layers, home row mods, etc.