Question about screen resolution

I am considering buying the Framework laptop. Among other things I am drawn to it for the clean industrial design.

My question is, when using Windows what scale do you set the screen to? If you have a Framework laptop running Windows, please right-click on the desktop, then Display Settings then look under “Scale and layout”. What is the value you see there, by default? It could be a number like 150% or 200%.

I run mine at 175%, but if you want things a little bigger 200% is the recommended and default setting. Personally I’ve still got good eyes so I keep it lower to fit more taskbar icons.

I keep mine at 150%, looks much crispier.

I have two monitors as well, 2560x1440 - running at 100% scaling. Lean and clean.

I run mine at 150% and it looks great. Windows defaults to 200% but everything is just too big for me at that scaling.

I run the Framework at 150%, and the 2 monitors attached to the dock are set at 100% (older but fit my use case)

I use 150% scaling. I think of it like having ~1500x1000 resolution but sharper. I run my old laptop (ThinkPad T460s 1920x1080) at 125% scaling (= 1536x864), and the text on it is already looking a bit jagged in comparison :slight_smile: