Questions about payment and shipping


Once they send the email:

How long will it take to collect it?

And in sending it?

If your bank needs you to authorize the transaction with a code, will the email send you to enter the code?

For me, they tried collecting it the next day. My bank refused it, so I paid it manually the same day it was refused.
After that, same day I paid it, it go sent out, arrived in France (from Taiwan) 4 days later.

One for UK peeps,

Is it Fed Ex they use for delivery over here?

Yes. It was Fedex here.

Thank you, thankfully fed ex are decent

Could you imagine if it was Evri or Yodel…

Perish the thought … :japanese_goblin:


Yeah FedEx. They bought out TNT.

Mine shipped early hours of Wednesday, arrived here Friday lunchtime. So 2 to 3 weekdays.