QuickFixs: Speaker, SSD, and Input Module issues


As mentioned in Update #8, the secondary SSD sometimes disappears.
I have had the following issues with the Framework 16:

  • Some Input positions modules do not work (SOLVED)
  • Secondary SSD disappears after sleep (QuickFix)
  • Primary speakers stop working after sleep (QuickFix) - There is still sound, but it is quiet, and sounds like a poor speaker

Lets start with the issue of the SSD and speakers. They are both caused by a sleep issue, and both are solved the same way: some kind of restart. This can be a restart (restart button), a power cycle (full off, on), or even a hibernate/wake cycle. If this does not solve it on Windows, you may need to open disk manager or device manager, which will scan hardware and should detect it.

For the input module issues, the solution was rather strange. The side of the ribbon cable that connects to the MODULE PANEL (not the MB side, which is disconnected when opening the computer) was not seated correctly. Upon reseating this connector, all modules work correctly (save for the LED matrix losing connection the the software sometimes)

I hope this helps someone!