Random Sleep

Currently my Intel i7 11th gen rendomly goes into sleep mode whilst in the middle of my work and becomes unresponsive for a couple of minutes.

I have Windows 11 installed and I have the Dynamic Lock switched off, unpaired all bluetooth devices, renstalled all the drivers on the device, and ensured that the device isn’t over worked. And yet it still randomly switches into sleep mode. Now I am unsure what is causing this issue.

If someone could possibly provide some hints on what is could be causing the issue I would be greatly appreaciate it.

Any magnets nearby? Is your machine sitting on/near another laptop?

Hey @Jake_Richter . It dose often happen more regularly happen when I have it resting on top of another laptop (due to limited work space), but I have found that it still happens when I am away from any other laptops. Would the magnets in a smart watch or iPhone, an inch or two away from the sensor, still trigger the sleep mode randomly?

I haven’t heard of sleep being triggered by phones or watches, but I suppose it’s possible. Certainly something to investigate…

Fair enough. I will test this, and will update you if this is the cause. Just found this strange as the MacBook’s that work provides (whenever I am able to get my hands on them) seem’s not have the same issues to the same level. Might be that they have placed them in a different location or is not as sensitive to the Framework’s laptop.

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Indeed. In fact, it was by reading about it on this forum somewhere, that caused me to discover - and recognize - the issue on a non-Framework laptop. I suspect it’s a very circumstantial issue.

Just an update on the random sleep issue. It was due to resting ontop of the other laptops and the magnet in the phone which was causing the random turning on of sleep mode.

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I have recently found this issue as well. I have my Sony linkbuds s in my left pocket and if the earbuds case happens to end up between the two expension cards, then the computer will go to sleep. A little unfortunate because now I have to take things out of my pocket to use this device as a laptop.