Raspberry Pi Type GPU Port?

I saw the GPU Back Port and it just reminded me of the Raspberry Pi 4000 Personal Computer. Can anyone tell me if a GPIO module for the GPU Port is possible?

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There’s no doubt that it is possible. PCI-E cards with a GPIO port do exist already.

Do you know who? I love the idea

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A quick google seach of “PCI-E to GPIO” shows a bunch of options, although they don’t appear to be popular.

To be honest, the better question might be why would you want something like that. GPIO doesn’t exactly require tons of power/data throughput and could be supported using the usb-c ports. The only caveat being the size of the expansion cards vs the expansion bay.

If you wanted everything to be integrated into the machine then by all means the expansion bay is the way to go. Even so, I imagine that it would be a bit of effort trying to fit an off the shelf card into the space of the expansion bay.

Wondering if i could prototype from the back of my computer.

We also have USB 2.0 going across the Expansion Bay interface, which makes it much easier to do a simple GPIO module. You can use any simple USB microcontroller like an RP2040.