Real world performance of the 12th Gen CPUs under extended load?

I have an 11th Gen Framework with the i7-1185G7 and am in the market for an upgrade, or a new laptop. I’m looking at either the i5-1240p or the i7-1280p upgrade options, but am wondering if the higher TDP in these is going to cause severe thermal throttling in the real world to the point where they perform similarly, considering they will be stuffed into an already thin chassis. Mainly trying to figure out if the cheaper i5 ends up being similar in real world performance despite 2 fewer performance cores due to throttling, which would make it the more attractive option.

My use case is compiling FreeBSD. I run FreeBSD -current on mine, and often compile the whole system to test patches, which takes about 72 minutes for “make -j8 buildworld” on the i7-1185G7. I’m hoping to cut down this build time significantly with a 12th Gen upgrade.

I also read this post about some zealous throttling in the 1280p and am wondering if that is still the case: Excessive CPU thermal(?) throttling on 12th-gen

I have the i7-1260p, so far for me, it throttles at full boost but maintains clocks at sustained loads.

I am using the Honeywell PTM7950 pad and I live in a tropical country though.

I have the 1280p and its throttling, very quickly. Just applied new grease and pads and seeing the same issue.

It will game (hogwarts) with my 3080 egpu, but cpu throttles and ruins any chance past a few minutes.

Going to try it on a less intensive and more optimized game also. However even stressing in OCCT with large avx = throttle almost instantly.

I am idleing in high perf mode around 55-57c. In balanced or above I am seeing fairly normal ultrabook temps.

Will update later as I test today (just got my new paste/pads today).

EDIT: I am not able to maintain clock - I am seeing about 3ghz, at 100c. ViD is about 1v down to .8

TDP showing 28w, with a draw of 25-30w.

With new paste and pads most of the cores seem to be around 88c. So may have to let the paste settle.


I fixed the thermal throttle, now I’m hitting power throttle. Occt auto mixed test.

Thermal grizzly with new pads on the caps, seeing high 80s after a while. Running an hourlong bench now.

Any ideas? I’m brand new to 12th gen. I know the tdp is 28w, but why can’t I go over myself? I have some room to spare for temps and this is all without a pad.

Testing Hogwarts it’s much more stable. Everything in high and quality dlss pushing to the onboard and seeing 60-95fps on my 3080.

Could you please share what thermal grizzly are you uisng?

I have faced the same CPU throttling drop to 3.3GHz (1240p) in Alan Wake 2 with my egpu 3060ti. I’m using MX-6 but it seems like it is not enough for such high load. CPU is 100% when playing alan wake 2 almost immidieately when i’m in gameplay.

I was thinking about TPM but if thermal grizzly is that good i might give it a try.

One more quetion have you tried Alan Wake 2 yourself?