Reason 12 Compatibility

I just pre-ordered a 16" laptop with the Ryzen 7 processor. Does anyone have any experience with this processor and Reason 12? Responses in Reason forums seem to indicate that it should be fine.

Assuming this is what you are referring to (, from their product page, the Framework 16 would be compatible.

Thanks for the reply. I’m aware of the specs, but I thought the same about the Dell XPS 15 I bought, hoping it would replace my aging Toshiba Satellite. The Dell, although a very capable work machine, doesn’t run Reason very well - noticeably worse than the old Toshiba. Worst case is, I guess, is I’ll have to replace the motherboard with Intel. Really hoping the AMD is the ticket.

FYI there are not yet any Intel motherboards available or announced for the Framework Laptop 16.

All the current Intel motherboards are for the smaller Framework Laptop 13.

If the software specs state “Intel or AMD multi-core processor” and you have any issues just because using an AMD processor, you should contact their support to get this sorted out.
Otherwise it’s Reason Studios fault for providing false information about the specs.
Nobody should be forced to use inferior Intel processors. If it’s an issue with the software, you should look for alternatives. A starting point would be:

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I don’t see any reason why the kind of CPU would affect how Reason runs. Any modern processor should run it without issue, and then the better spec’ed the CPU the more tracks and effects you can have (but the brand and model details should have no influence). What were the problems with your Dell machine? What CPU did it have?

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Not OP, but some audio production software is very latency dependent and have been optimized for a specific processor or another, typically Intel due to them being in Apple computers until recently. It’s one of the few software categories where it’s important to pay attention to the hardware requirements outside of gaming.