Recent Linux Kernel Hardware Support

Hi guys,

I was wondering if all the wifi and sleep issues on the Framework laptop could be resolved by newer Linux kernels. The vast majority of kernel discussion I’ve seen have been 5.10 - 5.14, but now we have both 5.15 (LTS) and 5.16 (stable). How do these fare on the hardware support front? Does anyone have any experience with them?


I’m on Fedora 35, kernel 5.15.14, so far so good, no issues.

So, I think the time solves the issues.


I’m running 5.16 (on Arch btw), and I’ve had no issues across WLAN, Bluetooth, sleep. The only major thing to note is that, if you use the fingerprint reader on a Windows install, then try to enroll from Linux using libfprint/fprintd without first unenrolling the print from Windows, then it won’t work, see:

Does Linux expose the TRRS jack controls? I mean does Linux know the difference between mic-in, headphones, and headset?

I suppose it depends on the distro, but I’m curious as this is most likely a consequence of the baked in kernel support.