Recommendations for Intel AX210 Wifi Antenna

Does anyone have recommendations for the antenna to use for the framework mainboard case? I am using the Intel Wifi AX210 as my wifi card:

I bought this antenna, but it won’t attach to the wifi card as the connectors are different.

Would it be possible for me to solder the connections? Also given that I am missing the wire holder, is there any other way to make sure the connections stay put?

Lastly, one of the wifi wire holders on the mainboard fell off. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to glue it back?

The connectors are “MHF4”, so something like this:


Superglue or small piece of double-sided tape should work wonders, even hot glue would work.

You generally don’t need to ensure that, both wFL (MHF4) and uFL connectors typically stay put once inserted. The bracket in the Framework laptop seems to be more of a nicety than anything, from my laptop repair experience. Oh, and soldering these connectors is quite unviable, best to buy the antenna with a suitable coax wire, or a long piece of suitable coax wire with a uFL connector that you can then solder onto the antenna copper itself.

I assume he said that because the connector did not fit, so he is considering ripping the connector (and socket) to get them connected.

I have a 30 dbi directional antenna that I need to repair (the connector is dead) and wire to my laptop. Unfortunately I seem to also be unable to find the antenna cable I gutted earlier …

U,FL is too big for some modern cards as they switched to the smaller MHF 4.