Recommended laptop bags / cases / sleeves?

Something similar to this:

I was thinking you meant something like this :

that looks like high quality at still a fair price. has anyone already tried if they “know” FWL16 dimensions already or has anyone already had hands on with the sleeve?

Thanks for the link!

I looked into the company and some reviews of their other products online. Given the decent price I figured I’d order one for the Framework 16 (with GPU).

Whenever I receive it I’ll report back in this thread to give a general review, though an actual fit test with the laptop will probably be a while. :sweat_smile:

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While that may protect from everyday scuffs and scratches, it won’t offer much protection for drops.

I got a boundary supply errent pro specifically so I would have an EDC bag that would fit a FW16 with gpu added on. I contacted boundary supplys support portal asking specifically if the FW16s dimensions would fit. I am going to use my laptop largley at school, so having a good protective bag is something very high on my priority list.

That looks pretty neat. I might get that myself.

Can vouch for Waterfield. I’ve gotten a couple of their other cases before (Analogue Pocket and PS Vita), and they’re very nice. Pricey, but good quality.

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I think, I will use a TomToc case. The variant with luggage strap is a tad bigger, than the others, sadly only available in blue.
Though they say it’s for 15.6" laptops, it’s not a snug fit. If the inner measurements are correct, you could fit two FW16 inside with GPU module. Or the Laptop plus a separate GPU-module or standard module, if you chose the option for both. Or even future modules.

Laptop compartment size: 39 x 29 x 4.5 cm (or 15.35 x 11.42 x 1.77 inch). So, it’s enough room for the GPU module installed and you could also leave the ethernet expansion card inside the laptop if you have one. I’m not sure, if that’s recommended, though.

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Something seems wrong with this item. Maybe that’s a units conversion mistake, but they indicate this below:

Laptop compartment size: 15.2 x 10.4 inches

That’s 38,6 x 26,4 cm. I suspect the 39 x 29 x 4.5 cm to be something else than the laptop compartment.

EDIT : they don’t mention this 39x29x4.5cm size on their website (Defender-A42 Laptop Briefcase For 15.6-inch Universal Laptop).
The 17" model has a laptop compartment of 16.53 x 11.41 x 1.2 inches (40.6x28,98x3.05 cm), so it could be ok for the FW16 + graphics module if you add something to maintain the laptop along the width.

Obviously the atypical size of the FW16 will be a challenge to find the right case!

The variant with luggage belt/strap on amazon is a A49, you are looking at the A42 at their website. I don’t know, why they don’t have the A49 on their own website, maybe it’s a discontinued item.

You’re right, in the english amazon text, they say 10.4", which would be just short of 26.5cm. I think, I’ll have to ask them, which size is real.

Seems to be this one : Defender-A42 Laptop Briefcase For 17-inch Gaming Laptop | Black

You have to make a research to find it… Anyway, it seems a bit too flexible to me. But I like the way to organize the pockets

You know what? There is no knowing without trying xD
I asked a question on Amazon, if the inner dimensions are true and “Tomtoc Customer Service” answered, “yes, that is correct”.

Du hast Folgendes gefragt:

"Die Tasche mit dem Gurt für Rollkoffer (A49, nicht A42) soll innen sehr groß sein, 39x29x4,5cm. Stimmt das? "

tomtoc Customer Service antwortete:

“Ja, das stimmt.”

So… either, they are lying, they cannot do conversions or it’s true after all. Well, I think, I have to buy it and take measurements myself. It’s Amazon after all, if the bag fits, it stays, if not, it will be returned.

Link to question (german):

Good news, guys!
The Tomtoc A49 Bag arrived and from what I can say, the Framework 16 including the GPU module should fit! A bit of air left and right, but the bag is deep enough for the 29cm of the FW16. See for yourself (ruler shows centimers):

German standard issue kitchen paper roll has 26cm and it doesn’t touch the ground of the bag, obviously it’s thicker than 2cm :wink:

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I got in on the new Bag of Holding in their kickstarter, so that’s what I’m going for. Probably get my Batch 12 first (I certainly hope so!), given the bag is supposed to be delivered in July, so I’ll have to figure something out for the meantime.

I have the smaller version of this bag and I love it so much. I’m probably going to grab the bigger version because of how easily it can store all my necessities.

Any chance there is going to be a partnership wherein the framework warehouse in the EU could be used for the LTT backpack?

When it comes to carrying around my tech, I personally value both protection and style. I use this leather laptop bag from Von Baer for my 15" laptop. The leather is sturdy and has a nice, professional look that wears well over time. The padding is great, and my laptop is safe from knocks and bumps.

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I recommend to buy it physically

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I’ve coped for the last 25 years without one. :wink:

Decent padded backpack and I’m all good.

Mi bag