Recycling system for old laptop

I believe in the future we could send our old laptop(of any type) to framework for recycling it. and get some kind of voucher for the marketplace


Do you mean any old computer of just some Framework ones. Either way I don’t think that’s a practical idea. It would have to depend upon the condition of the return.

Do you really expect Framework to test, repair, refurbish and resell any old laptop or are you just asking them to dispose of electronic waste for you.

Is it just about a voucher, i.e. money ??

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the voucher is symbolic, main idea is somehow recicle old things by someone responsible, mb reuse of components

Sounds like a lot of work for next to | or | no profit. Being a new company I would imagine it’s another play area altogether.

I love that this is a place where people can just throw up ideas – not all of them will stick but it’s still fun to see what people come up with.