Red lights when keyboard screwed down

Chassis intrusion lights blinking when keyboard is fully seated and screwed down. 12th gen board with latest firmware and chassis intrusion set to “ignore” in bios. My theory is that a piece of the keyboard lid thing (like the sponge specifically for the intrusion switch) is missing. Will look later today, but what do I do if that’s not the case? Also, where do I find a replacement chassis intrusion switch pushing sponge if it IS the case? The only reason I think it’s that is because I’ve had this problem before.

contact support. they will be able to help you troubleshoot or get you replacement parts.

Take some photos of the switch, and post them here or send them with the ticket.
Case switch is the chassis intrusion switch

Most likely it just slid out of place. If it’s still there, there should be an outline engraved into the aluminum where it is supposed to go, and if it’s not properly seated, it will not engage with the intrusion switch. Just slide it back into that outline and you should be good.

Solved it, but my main point is, where do I find a replacement if it ever gets lost? This isn’t the first time it’s gotten misaligned and getting completely lost is not that far from getting misaligned.

You would need to contact support for that.