Reinforcing the screen hinge


I’ve had a framework laptop 13 for a year and I’m starting to have a problem with the screen hinge. I already found it a bit loose when I bought it, but now I just have to lift it and the screen tilts. Is there any way of fixing this without having to buy a new hinge ?

Thanks in advance for any help

What you can do is purchase the 4.0 Kg hinges. Having used them, they are stiffer than the original hinges and while it is harder to make the screen flop when you lift it, it’s still possible.

I’d recommend you contact support. There is a chance you are still within warranty and can get a replacement hinge kit for free, but also if you are experiencing a genuine mechanical issue, support may offer to swap your hinges even if you are out of warranty. If they say no however, you will have to just purchase a new hinge kit yourself, which at least is not too expensive.

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Thank you for your answers.
I have contacted the support team and will let you know how they respond.
While reading their documentation I came across this extract:

However, we identified that for a period of time in fall 2021, our hinge supplier shipped a subset of hinges with forces below our accepted spec range. We’ve since added additional tests both at the hinge supplier and at our laptop assembly site to prevent out of spec hinges from shipping out. If you have a laptop where the lid angle drops on its own while the laptop is stationary, write into support with a video of it, and we’ll send you a new 3.3kg Hinge Kit.

I think I’ve been the victim of this manufacturing defect. He should therefore send me back the parts free of charge.

thanks again