Replace the Windows key with a Linux one or at least a generic "super" one

Yes they could sell as such but

  • It’s not a user replaceable part so would void the warranty if it went wrong.
  • Manufacturing various keys may be deemed wasteful and unprofitable.
  • Given the proliferation of 3D printers I’m sure someone can get their custom key made.

Late to the party, but all Framework Laptops come with an included screwdriver, whether DIY or pre-assembled. Even the God-forsaken Framework Chromebook will come with one.

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Another vote for a keyboard option for the BSD/Linux/Other OS users.

Logos are divisive. Functionally it is a Super key and I don’t want it to carry branding or assume how my system uses the key. The Dev One knows their audience and the Super key is almost as much of a selling point as the AMD processor.

Clearly a different audience then

Yes, different but with an intersection. Framework must target a broad audience including Windows and now ChromeOS users to be sustainable. I would rather they grow market share and be able to supply replacement parts for years than waste time and burn money on every niche request. A windows keyboard is a sensible default to build volume.

It would be nice if one day they were in a position to offer a keyboard option though ideally the business would grow big enough to support third party offerings. Perhaps someone with keycap design experience and industry contacts will organize a group buy one day. I have removed and replaced laptop keycaps many times. It isn’t without risk of damage but one of the selling points of the device is if I break it I can fix it.

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Y’all see the LTT video from March, (I only just saw it,) hyping the 16"er?

They’re talking Superkey options…

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Yep. See here


But this thread is about the 13" please don’t add 16" stuff to it :frowning:

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Ah, I failed to see that.

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I am curious if there updates for the 13 inch since the 16 inch is getting a linux keyboard?

Probably not difficult to paint over the windows logo and scratch to your dersire

Not that it’s a problem for me to have a windows logo as super key, but if there was a choice, I would go for either a super key or framework logo key.

Currently awaiting delivery, of my windows-super-key framework :smirk:

Framework could always include a loose key cap with every keyboard, that has the framework logo on it. It wouldn’t matter if the windows logo key cap gets destroyed while being removed, it’s the fitting of the replacement key cap that matters.

That carries a very high risk of destroying the key mechanism itself. The keycaps are not the fragile part.


It would be great to get an answer as to why the option may not be available, currently you are able to order a blank black and blank clear keyboard while the 16" offers a super key option.

I finally got some from ThinkPenguin:

Not ideal, of course. Still hoping to put in a new key cap someday - but I do prefer this to the Windows logo in the meantime.


Would have been even better if the sticker was translucent, then the led could bleed through and the key would appear lit like the other keys.

Still minor potatoes and I’m glad you found a solution you prefer!

For sure, a glow-through would’ve been that much better!

Framework can’t do this due to trademark, but I’d probably use this for the Super key:

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If I recall, the Windows license for DIY are actually full retail keys, while the pre-builds are OEM.

To be fair, we have a choice of keyboards with the DIY version. At the time, I didn’t see a US English for Linux. There’s one for World English that’s also ANSI layout that has “Super” in place of the Windows logo.