Replace the Windows key with a Linux one or at least a generic "super" one

Just a request: some of us probably don’t like the presence of the Windows key.
It’s just a small detail in an already beautiful and amazing product.
Maybe you want to run a poll to see if it’s worth it. I’d be happy to pay more for it as well.

Thank you


Stickers are your friend.

But sure, if it doesn’t require too costly of retooling to print an alternate keycap there, that would be cool. In fact, the Framework logo there would be pretty choice!


+1 for later revisions to have an option for a framework logo super key :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Until then a sticker would be great


I like the idea of a framework logo, OS agnostic


Eh, id rather have it be something that isnt branded. Although it would be a good option for people who enjoy that sort of thing, since the framework logo really is a good logo. I would personally like to have something more simplistic. Like a heart or a circle or something.


+1 for a framework logo instead of a Windows key. A generic OS key is definitely a better idea than defaulting to windows.


I don’t like the Windows key either and I would prefer it to be OS agnostic. I’d be totally fine with the Framework logo as I think it looks good and I have no idea what else I’d prefer.

I think it’s time to move away from this Windows monopoly. When you think of it, it’s understandable that “all” keyboards have the Windows button. But at the same time it’s kind of crazy. The fact that a company has made one of their product logo ubiquitous even though there are other OSs out there.

Some Windows users might not like it and a few non-tech savvy people might be confused about it (everything can be explained in one sentance so I don’t really see the issue).


It’s a product placement. The same reason why modern smart TVs have a Netflix button.


Okay, someone has to say it…

Stickers on keys are awful. (They make the key feel different, and they wear out at a different rate.) The meta key should not be relegated to second-class-citizen status. It should have its glyph produced in the same manner as every other key.

Some shops will have options. Personally, I’d vote for: Windows logo, Framework logo, some form of generic “windows” glyph (e.g. the box-over-box glyph that’s been around for ages), Tux, “Meta” (yes, the text “Meta”), and maybe a couple popular distro logos.

While we’re at it, can I please get a compose key that actually says “Compose” and not “Caps Lock” (whatever the heck a “caps lock” is) :wink:.


Windows logo, Framework logo, some form of generic “windows” glyph (e.g. the box-over-box glyph that’s been around for ages), Tux, “Meta” (yes, the text “Meta”), and maybe a couple popular distro logos.

Honestly considering how cheap keycaps really are, I guess its cheaper for Framework to just ship all of them and let the users install the keycaps themselves.

Compose isn’t a common term in North America for the upper case lock key, also known as the Caps Lock. It’s caps lock because it toggles upper case for the whole board, hense Caps as in capital letters, and lock as in you don’t have to hold it down.

Either way, a customizable keyboard where you can swap out the keycaps with whatever you want would be great.


Have you looked at the pictures of the keycaps on the keyboard? It looks like the key surface is a rubber or silicon surface that is one piece with every other key. Replacing a keycap in this case is not an option without replacing the entire keyboard.

I’m quite content with my Windows key so I’m not that concerned about a different key. Although if Framework would offer a Framework logo instead I’d happily replace it. The problem being what becomes of the keyboard being replaced? I’m pretty sure Framework is against creating more waste.

I think you need to get your irony detector checked :slightly_smiling_face:.

I map “press both Shift keys at once” mapped to that. I map the key labeled “Caps Lock” to compose, because that’s fāŗ mòṙê üşəfǔ£! (I can type all that and more without having to memorize glyph numbers. Admittedly, I don’t type a lot of ‘extended Latin characters’, but I type a few, and symbols get used much more often. Plus, you can add your own, although restarting X to make changes is a pain.)

Are you sure about that? If so, I wonder how this “one piece” setup manages to make the caps out of a different material than the board (n.b. the clear keys version). There are keyboards made that way, but they’re unusual and horrible for typing.

That said, I feel like I heard somewhere that the caps really aren’t replaceable (which I would find much more believable). It might be this sort of thing would only be available with an “assemble it yourself” keyboard.

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I was reading a thread the other day showing how the keys were individually replaceable and not all keys in one piece.

See here:

Very illustrative GIF and it looks like he’s using the Framework tool to remove them.


I’m super happy to be wrong!! That is awesome!

Custom keys FTW!!!


@Fraoch Indeed that was with the included tool. I am currently waiting on a few keysets from different macbook replacements to see if any fit.


Stickers are indeed awful, no matter how good the sticker is.

I like the Compose idea. I’ll have to admit, I had to search it up. The Caps Lock key has to be one of the stupidest keys on a keyboard. Always hated it. You accidentally hit it more than you intentionally do.

I’d like it to be a Compose key. Fn + Compose (Caps Lock) should then toggle Upper Case.

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They are not. All the key “caps” are one big “sheet”.

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The gif linked in the post three posts above yours trivially disproves that.