Replacement screws?

Was watching Louis Rossmann’s teardown video and he just found the spare screws. It occurred to me, what if someone loses a screw, uses the spare of that type, then loses another of the same type?

I assume the three types of screw are all standard sizes so it should be easy to find replacements of matching type and length out on the internet?

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I just wrote a guide on this here: Fasteners Guide - Framework Guides


@nrp Did you write that guide just because of my question?

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By the look of the date, probably.

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Are the screws not ISO metric screw thread?
The Fasteners Guide uses what seem to be ISO metric names, like M2, but the thread pitch listed doesn’t match. Worse, every set of screws lists a different thread pitch, even if they are called M2.

we have the gold colored fastener that is used for WiFi, Storage, and the Audio Board. This is an M2 3.0mm fastener with a 4.5mm diameter T5 head and 0.7mm thread pitch.

This is an M2 4.0mm fastener with a 4.6mm diameter T5 head and 0.6mm thread pitch.

they are M2 5.75mm with a 4.6mm T5 head and 0.8mm thread pitch.

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This was an error in my part on the guide. I was reading specifications that were in Chinese and misinterpreted the numbers. All of the fasteners use ISO standard pitch, and we’ve corrected the guide to note that now.


I just got my DIY Framework laptop. After I completed the setup and got it working I noticed that one of the five bottom cover screws (the one that doesn’t come out as far) has been stripped to the point where the included bit does not work with it. Is there a way for me to replace this with another screw in the future? Or do I have to leave it loose for the device’s lifespan?

I recommend you contact support and see what they say, personally I would be asking for the part to be replaced as it’s a new laptop and you should not have to have faulty parts due to possible poor quality control.

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Hi @BranFlakes and welcome to the forum

Maybe you tried either too hard to remove a screw that wasn’t meant to be removed and or not enough pressure when trying.

There are spare screws inside the laptop, didn’t you see them or check out the posts via the search :slight_smile:

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@amoun I have heard of the spare screws. My understanding is that the bottom cover ones are designed to not come out. I looked it up and couldn’t find a way to remove them completely, are you aware of a way to do so?

Note, one of the 5 bottom cover screws is not meant to come out. It should open with it half out.

There are designed to not come out and the bottom-left when upside down also has a further lock to enable it to push the ‘input panel’ awat from the base to get a finger nail under.

To remove screws that have these ‘safety’ features, once they are loose you must turn and pull, maybe using a pair of pliers.

@Shiroudan My issue is that it’s not meant to come out. That screw is stripped, but because of that inability to be removed I’m in a tough situation.


It will come out :slight_smile: Take a look at how it is held in. It went in it will come out.
You cannot use a screwdriver to pull upwards so it doesn’t matter if the head is damaged. You have to grip it and pull as you turn it. Often there is a little washer on the screw on the inside which stops it/them from coming out.

So it requires upward force to get through the washer.

If you don’t have suitable tools or find it difficult take it to a repair shop to have the screw removed.

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May I ask for stuff like the heatsink fan assembly, what are the types of screws used?

Who are you asking? You can contact support for such.

Just going over the guide again I note the text

There are also five spare fasteners screwed into the inside of the bottom cover of the Framework Laptop

The guide then goes on to show only three, can you please highlight the two at the bottom left of the battery connector, mentioned in Step 3 ?

Agree, an image would be great there.


Are these the ones?

That looks like one. Now find the other!
Isn’t Where Wally fun?!

Ah, didn’t see the back one. I think you found both Wallys together! Lucky!

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