Replying at the top of a thread?

Is there a way to reply at the top of the thread? Am I blind? I keep scrolling all the way down to the bottoms of threads to comment, and some of these things are hundreds of posts long. Yes, I can skip to the end, but it’s still inconvenient compared to just having a reply button at the top. I’m not sure if this is the right category for this question but I just really wanted to say something.

Where the scroll bar is present, there is a reply button with it so you can reply without having to go to the end.

@A_Moon_Rabbit that’s not there on phone. in fact there isn’t a scroll bar at all.

In my phone there is no reply but there is a scroll bar you can use to quickly go to the bottom and then reply.

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Yes, if you tap the 1/X at the bottom, you can quickly scroll to the bottom. For mobile I agree there should be at least a floating reply.