Request: make the 15 inch laptop 16:10

16:10 would be perfect to both keep the vertical height of the machine down, and provide enough space for a keyboard with numpad.

Naysayers bear in mind that a 15 inch 3:2 laptop is as tall as a 17 inch 16:9 laptop, with not even enough space for a keyboard + numpad…


15/16 inch laptop without numpad would be nice.


I just used my 15.2" PowerBook G4 (1440x960) a couple hours ago and I had zero issues with the size, I thought it was just fine and a more portable option than a 17" 16:9 laptop, and being less wide (and thus marginally easier to fit in a backpack) than a 15.6" for the same square incheage.

No, 16:10 was a terrible idea from its inception and it needs to die in a fire. Return to 4:3, the one true aspect ratio.