Requesting bifurcation support for 16" expansion card

Bifurcation support for an expansion card module, to achieve daisy chain expansion

  • Dividing a x16(x8) lane into two m.2 slots (x4 or x2 with optional further subdivision of the m.2 card eg. two x1 sd express adapter). Some conceptual configs x16 or x8+x8 or x8+x4+x4 or x8+x4+x2+x1+x1.

  • Export the x8 to an identical port for connection to a full size GPU caddy/dock using external power or another module that is dividing it up further


The announcement post said “we’ve developed a dual M.2 SSD card.” I’d like to think that means they support bifurcation, because using extra hardware to split the lanes within the card seems to be more complex than necessary. That said, it would still be nice to get confirmation about that.

Lets hope, as it may be limited by chipset support.

Here is a patent document I read a couple months back detailing a ROM chip to configure the pcie controller for automatic lane bifurcation. Not sure if that is in use today.