[RESOLVED] AMD Ryzen 7040 Series - Blank screen in Fedora 39 KDE beta after reboot

I did some more reading after my previous post, and these GPU resets with the “MES” error logs are indeed supposed to be fixed by the 3.03 BIOS - see comment 5 by Mario who is an AMD employee, he mentions MES specifically.

Some fixes that might be of interest - found these floating around the Framework discord server.

I have temporarily resolved both some white artifacts I was experiencing on external monitors, and my crashing sddm, with the following steps:

  • Adding kernel parameter amdgpu.sg_display=0 in /etc/default/grub and regenerating grub config ( sudo grub2-mkconfig -o "$(readlink -e /etc/grub2.conf)" )
  • Setting sddm to use x11 instead of wayland by adding the below to /etc/sddm.conf

Shouldn’t be necessary in future.

Note that adding the kernel parameter and then still letting sddm trigger the BIOS 3.02 GPU crash leaves external monitors not working. So I assume that after the crash the GPU is in a bad state of some kind.

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Just got mine and didn’t even have a working trackpad with KDE spin live environment.

Installing regular gnome fedora workstation, then installing plasma afterwards and just using gdm as display manager seems to be working perfectly so far as a workaround for me as well, I will probably just keep it this way rather than bothering to reinstall, even though I’ll never use gnome.

It seems that grubby tool is better to use in order to change everywhere not only for grub conf but also other scripts that may exist under /boot/loader/entries etc.

sudo grubby --args="amdgpu.sg_display=0" --update-kernel=ALL
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Correct for Fedora, we would want you using grubby for a more consistent experience.

My own test and experience using 3.03 BIOS and Fedora 39 KDE is here 17 days ago.

If this is happening on Fedora 39 fully updated, it would be worth filing a bug report.

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