[RESOLVED] AMD: Turn off fingerprint reader light?

I searched the forums and saw someone made a thing called “ec-tool” to modify the embedded controller settings. Not sure if this will work on amd laptops?

I want to turn off the fingerprint reader light, it’s very annoying in low light settings. I already booted the bios and turned it to Low. Is there any reason we don’t have an “Off” option in the bios?

ectool is the right tool for the job, but it will not work until this patch series lands in the Linux kernel and is released.


Appreciate the reply :slight_smile: if you happen to remember, could you let us know here when it has been released in an available kernel? Otherwise I will just check this every so often

I absolutely will. :smile:


Hi @Zach1, by the way @DHowett is the maintainer of the awesome tool. :smiling_face:

labeling this as solved.