[RESOLVED] Arch linux boot media not recognized AMD 13 batch4

The same usb stick, in the same port, lets me boot into fedora 39, but not arch latest iso.
I get UEFI boot device error with Arch.

That is with the latest AMD13 batch 4, with new bios. if it exist, I can’t find the secure boot option to disable, as previous post have suggested.

Thank you

for me it was the secure boot.
hit f2 while it boots… and in that menue there is a option on the buttom left… dunno the exact saying rn, but sth with secure boot… there you can turn of secure boot

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ah found the post which got me in the right place → [RESPONDED] Secure Boot not shown? - #4 by Matt_Hartley

edit: another tip: i could only disabled it while the usb stick was not attached to the laptop. you need to do it like this: Boot without usb stick… hammer f2, disable secure boot, insert usb stick, reboot.

that worked for me at least

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thanks Rick, that was it… wasn’t obvious from the rest of the bios/boot menu.
arch installing :slight_smile:

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marking resolved, thanks guys, also welcome to the forums @Joanes_Grandjean :slight_smile: