[RESOLVED] Automatic Brightness in Fedora 39

Hi! I am running Fedora 39 on a 13th Gen Intel Framework Laptop, and I can’t get the automatic brightness to work. Has anyone been successful with this?

This post seems to suggest that it should work by default (though this might be referring to Fedora 37/Fedora 38). Anyone have any suggestions?

It works on the default Gnome Workstation dnf group.
Are you using Gnome or a different DE?

I’m using Gnome

See below:

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So there are a few things at play here.

On a default install, on 13th gen, you should have automatic brightness working just fine from the Power menu in settings.

Now, if you wanted to use media keys (brightness keys without auto-brightness capability), using


From the guide, then the auto-brightness would not work.

Again, all of this assumes 13th gen, no odd tweaks or changes made elsewhere.


That was it! Thanks for the help!

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Awesome, delighted to hear it! :slight_smile:

There is work underway in plasma to expose iio sensor proxy (which already can be consumed by plasma) to the Powerdevil UI elements.