[RESOLVED] Fedora 39 no user account created

I created the thunderbird-wayland launcher. Everything is good now in my Linux world. :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who replied and offered assistance on this thread. Much appreciated!

Delighted to hear you have a path forward. Any chance you might share the contents (parameters) of the created launcher? Iā€™d like @Loell_Framework to have it in their toolbelt. Thanks

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Someone one on the Fedora forum gave me a ton of different ways to resolve the issue with Thunderbird and wayland. The funny thing is I stumbled upon the simplest solution based on these suggestions. I started by just typing thunderbird-wayland into the terminal to see if indeed I had the wayland version. I received a message stating thunderbird-wayland is not installed, would you like to add it Y/N? Responded Y and it installed a few quick items along with a new launcher just for wayland. This was just an update to my existing install of Thunderbird which I had already configured.

So then you have two Thunderbird launchers. One labeled Thunderbird and the other Thunderbird-wayland. First lunches in X11 and the second in wayland. :slight_smile:

I think that the thunderbird-wayland file is a small wrapping shell script to run the thunderbird internally with an environment variable MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1. You can safely install the very small RPM package thunderbird-wayland which is a sub-package of the RPM thunderbird, and use it on Wayland.

$ sudo dnf install thunderbird-wayland

You can check the content of the file.

$ cat $(which thunderbird-wayland)

Or you can set the environment variable above manually only in Wayland window managers instead of installing the sub-package RPM file above. You can check the way here.