[RESOLVED] Framework 13 11th Gen Fedora 39 - Webcam issue

  • Fedora 39 KDE Spin
  • 11th generation Framework laptop
  • If this is a Linux issue, please use the Linux tag or at least put Linux in the title.

I have a strange issue with my webcam on Fedora 39 KDE Spin.
If I join Zoom or Google Meet, I can see myself through the webcam, but the other side cannot. Also, if I record myself, all I see is a black screen.
I can record myself locally just fine.
I am using Firefox.
I feel it should be a really simple “duhh” type of thing, but I can’t seem to get traction on how to fix.

Does anyone have some search terms or suggestions on how to get started troubleshooting this? Every search that I have done so far has been unfruitful.

So I removed firefox and installed firefox-wayland instead and it started working. I thought versions 121+ had wayland enabled by default… I must have had a leftover config getting in the way…

Okay, awesome, glad to hear it is working now.