[RESOLVED] Full screen pdf and fractional scaling on Ubuntu Wayland

I installed the official Ubuntu 22.04. Very happy so far!

One issue: If I view a pdf with evince and switch to presentation mode, only a small view is shown in the middle and the rest of the screen is black.

I am using fractional scaling with 150%.

Is there any pdf viewer for Ubuntu 22.04 that can display a pdf presentation in full screen with these settings?

Delighted to hear you’re pleased!

Couple of things:

  • Intel 11th. 12th, 13th or AMD Ryzen 7040 Series?

  • What happens if you test against fractional scaling off?

As an alternative, although it may be similar. Could try MuPDF.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install mupdf -y

I have an AMD Ryzen laptop. If I turn off fractional scaling, full screen mode works fine.

I tried MuPdf, but I don’t think it even has a full screen mode…

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Thanks for confirming.

For me, Fedora 39 (testing on this atm), evince gave me a full PDF view in presentation mode, however it was rather small. On a whim, installed Okular (KDE application, but running it on GNOME).

Okular presented full size and I suspect, will perform better with automatic sizing on Wayland. It’s extra Qt libraries (dependencies), but give this a try.

sudo apt install okular -y

Yes, okular actually does what I want.

Strange enough only in full-screen mode, not in in presentation mode: In presentation mode there is a thin, noisy, distorted thing at the right hand side.

But full screen mode works fine.

Thank you!


Fantastic! Yeah, PDF handling is less that amazing, I feel you on this. Glad this worked.

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I’ve had a couple of what I think are related bugs involving FSR in proton and xrandr/monitor management and scaling in plasma which I think is due to various tools not supporting the 3:2 native aspect of the panel.

These bugs likely need to be filed with the upstream project trackers as I don’t think they are framework specific.

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