[RESOLVED] FW16 AMD BIOS 3.02 installed but unable to find 3.03?

I’m using Arch Linux using the command “dmidecode” and “lshw” and noticed it says the BIOS version is “03.02” which I’m assuming means 3.02

I’ve run the appropriate “fwupdmgr” commands and saying there are no updates and here is showing “no new bios available”.

I read or heard somewhere (don’t remember) and I’m not confusing this with the FW13 Intel variants that 3.03 was available for AMD variants

I’m aware that there is a beta version in the works but I’m that’s going to be 3.04 or higher

am I missing something?

I believe BIOS 3.03 is available for the Framework 13 AMD but nothing has yet been released for the Framework 16.

Yes BIOS 3.03 is only for FW13 AMD.
The FW16 got his own versioning numbers, unrelated to the Versions of the FW13.
That means, that Version 3.02 of FW16 is not an older Version of the FW13 BIOS.
In fact, there are bugfixes in FW16 3.02 that aren’t included in FW13 3.03

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thanks, I made mistakes then