[RESOLVED] Graphical artifacts when waking up from hibernation or hybrid sleep

I have a Framework Laptop 13 AMD Edition. I am running Arch Linux using the latest Linux kernel (not zen, hardened or lts) with bios version 3.02. I didn’t want to update to bios 3.03 as some people claimed they had more issues with 3.03 than they did with 3.02. I would prefer to stay on stable versions. I only encounter graphical issues when my system wakes up from hibernation or hybrid sleep. The screen is still responsive but most of it is covered in white.
Similar to pictures on this post, especially the last one : [TRACKING] Graphical corruption in Fedora 39 (AMD 3.03 BIOS) - #13 by mopac

It resumes from sleep just fine, this only happens when the system wakes up from hibernation or hybrid sleep.

Have you tried the kernel param amdgpu.sg_display=0? It seems AMD is recommending that for the time being

I have not, though it seems like this does not work for me. I cannot boot with this option. Perhaps bios 3.03 is required for this to work?

That’s interesting, I’m not sure.

Just for reference, I got this from here

I don’t have a machine in hand yet to test :slight_smile:

3.03 has now been moved from beta to release, you may want to try running the update then changing the kernel param to see if that fixes your issues (though you can’t downgrade, so if you would prefer to stay on 3.02 for other reasons then you may just want to wait to see what happens). Just note that 3.03 was meant to improve stability for linux on AMD mainboards.

currently updating after shortly fighting with fwupd and giving up to my old and trusted ways of EFI USB.

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Well, fwupd works now that I am on 3.03. The kernel option also worked. And, great news, hibernation works too! Amazing!

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